Does your Bible...? you God's word without the Internet? you become a spiritual Self-Feeder? ...make sense of Bible versions? ...include an easy-to-use Greek New Testament and Hebrew Old Testament?

Spectrum Bible™ does.

Spectrum Bible™


A Spectrum of English Bibles

The Bible columns are ordered from the most literal translation to the most paraphrased. The colors tell you what the translation is good at. The columns scroll together aligned on the current verse.


Simple Greek & Hebrew

Without recognizing Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic when you touch a Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic word you get its meaning and form. Then when you touch the Search button you get every place it occurs in the Bible--perfect for quick Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic Word Studies.


Steps to Becoming a

At the heart of Spectrum Bible™ is the book, "How To Read The Bible So God Speaks To You," where you discover how to use the app to become a spiritual Self-Feeder, how to repair your 1st Love motivation for God, find great verses, and learn to pray.

How literal is a Bible? Just check its color.

  • Sky blues and purples...are the word-for-word Bibles which are accurate down to the word. (Free: Greek NT, Hebrew OT, Amplified, KJV, NASB1995, NASB2020) (In-app purchases: NKJV, ESV, or "Fully Loaded")
  • Transitional greens...are the phrase-for-phrase Bibles which are accurate down to the phrase. (Free: NET) (In-app purchases: NIV, NIrV, or "Fully Loaded")
  • Earth tones...are the thought-for-thought Bibles which are accurate down to the thought. (Free: GOD'S WORD) (In-app purchases: NLT, Message, or "Fully Loaded")

Simple, Simple, Simple

The lead developer kept simplifying the design of this app until his talented, but computer-challenged wife could use it without guidance. She is the one to thank for how easy Spectrum Bible™ is to use.


The videos below describe how to use Spectrum Bible™. This introductory video (0:51) gives a little bit about the history, author, and background of the app.

Navigation & Lookup

This video demonstrates how to lookup Bible verses, search for verses, and move between different Bible versions. All four types of Bible lookups are demonstrated: List lookup, Wheel lookup, Slider lookup, and Keyboard lookup (10:40).

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Greek for Everyone

It has always seemed like there was a huge wall between those that know the Bible's Original languages (Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic) and those that do not. This video shows how Spectrum Bible™ helps jump the wall (4:49).

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Pinch to Adjust Font, Columns, Rows

Spectrum Bible™ uses the Pinch gesture to adjust 3 things. A Horizontal Pinch adjusts the number of columns that are visible. A Diagonal Pinch adjusts the size of the font. A Vertical Pinch adjusts the number of independent rows that are visible on the screen (3:43).

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Column Order & Color

The Bible columns are in a specific color and order that tells you what the version is good at. Blues are for word-for-word translations, transitional greens are for phrase-for-phrase translations, and earth tones are for thought-for-thought translations indicating the translation is best at words, phrases, or thoughts (5:35).

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Share & Feedback

The Share button on the bottom bar at the far left is available at all points in Spectrum Bible™ and is where you can invoke common services like Copy Text (for copy/paste), Email Verse, Backup to Spectrum, and Bubble Help for learning new app capabilities (5:06).

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The Heart of the App

Pressing Menu > How To Read The Bible So God Speaks To You takes you to the heart of the app. This is where you learn to be a spiritual Self-Feeder, repair your motivation for getting to know God, find great verses, and learn how to pray. This book is integrated into the Spectrum Bible™ and makes use of many of its features (8:05).

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Add Ons

The download of Spectrum Bible™ is free and most people use it as is. But you can add to it through the in-app store. All proceeds from the store go back to teaching people how to study the Bible. You can add Bible translations, Original Language Nuggets™, and books. There are also quantity discounts (17:42).

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Summary & Questions

This video gives a summary of the talk plus the questions and answers at the end. This Spectrum Bible™ Seminar was given 04/2024 at the Cornerstone Church of Long Beach (8:02).

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Dr. Daniel E. Kim

Assistant Professor Old Testament and Semitics, Talbot
I have downloaded the Spectrum Bible App, and I'm very impressed. I find the app to be sleek, user-friendly, and very powerful. I'm amazed how well it runs on my phone.

Dr. Wayne Steury

Pastor/Textual Critic
I have been using Spectrum Bible for the past five years and find it to be a fast, effective tool for handy reference. I also have expensive computer software but this app is better for a fast search or for a Greek/Hebrew definition or parsing. I have read my Greek NT many times but cherish the quick access Spectrum has given me before a sermon or during devotions. It is an indispensable tool.


from iTunes
Having toured through programs and apps for the past twenty years, I have found this the best for reading Hebrew with understanding, and studying the Scriptures in context. Serious grammarians, theologians and the like will probably champion some more elaborate helps. But for elegance, accuracy and usefulness, Spectrum Bible takes the cake for me.

Fr Paul

from iTunes
As a life long Bible student of 57 years I would say this app is the most practical tool I have ever owned. All other tools are made more functional by its use. It is God's gift to all who love our Lord.

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Start benefiting from the full Spectrum of Bible versions including the Original. Come away from reading the Bible feeling inspired and challenged rather than just confused.

iPhone and Mac version is complete. Android version is under development.

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